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Winnie breathing-out her opinions during a get-together with her fellas.

There are some logical quizzes which need no deep thinking but quick answers. For instance:

South, there’s black house, North, there’s blue house, East, there’s yellow house. Where is white house located? Normally, the anticipated response would be in west but, it is universally known for white house to be in United States.

This question is similar as: Mary’s mother has five children.

The first is NINI, the second is NUNU, the third is NONO, and the fourth is NENE.  Who is the fifth child?     Don’t say that the fifth is NANA, because it’s Mary.

Those two approaches need prompt answers but there are some which need thinking, for example.

Why is that, only ‘’BIC’’ pens, have a hole, in the middle of their cover? Or Why is the word ambulance written in a mirror image on their vehicles?

Same applies to the question: ‘if given a chance, between your sister and girlfriend, whom can you save in times of death-defying.

Winnie is a bosom friend of mine, who contributed a lot to my life. She taught me incalculable life aspects, in little time we shared together. Only initiating a get-together, to be a good listener, to ever smile etc… Were the few tips I learnt from her among others.

The title statement was a question I was supposed to answer to her. During that period I was trying to launch a childish manifesto. Due to my perspective in that instant, I answered that ‘’I can save my girlfriend because I have many sisters’’. And she roared with laughter.

She proceeded to explain for me that for her being like a sister to me, among others would be better for her in sharing all her experiences. We agreed with her opinion and my manifesto had no validity but ended in vain.

Winnie is now my sister from another mother and father but we seldom talk due to long distance. But I am optimistic, that after the triumph of this upcoming battle of national exams, we shall initiate another get-together.

On the some note, I hope that the manifesto am planning to launch will be successful. How I wish to invite you in the inauguration ceremony of our manifesto.